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Constructing interconnected capabilities with transformative technologies


Building multidimensional, centralized and hyper-connected infrastructures

Build an adaptive digital infrastructure that can scale fluidly to meet the needs of the modern workforce and clientele. Evolve with the right blocks by embracing intelligent technologies to amplify productivity with safety, while harnessing the power of confident data-driven decisions, next-generation networking that empowers centralized control and thorough digital assets protection with the freedom to innovate. Together, let’s construct newer capabilities.



Recommended Real Estate Essentials

Digitise your operations with Business Pro Internet Solutions

Transform the way your facility operates with Business Pro, the next-generation of internet solutions with features including up to 1Gbps speed, user voice lines, eStore, Cloud PABX, Office 365 Licenses and more, starting from only AED 1,095/month.

Empower further capabilities with Business Pro Add-ons

Foster a secure Network using Managed Wi-Fi services

Ensure a protected network for your guests, visitors and departments by adopt a scalable solution that can evolve and grow with your facility. From a single access point or multiple layers, managed Wi-Fi caters to them all! Get in touch

Optimise your expenses with Microsoft Azure by Etisalat

Migrate to the cloud with ease, operate and build on a scalable hybrid infrastructure across +200 services with enhanced security, real-time flexibility, 24/7 Microsoft Certified Expert Support and more, starting from only AED 500/month 

Grow your customer touchpoints with online marketing solutions

Foster a dominating digital presence to reach your customers through multiple touchpoints. Have experts handle your digital marketing needs, including professional positioning, lead generation and more to amplify your reach! Inquire now!

Enable security with ultra-rich intelligence & analytics

Secure your premises with OCTV solutions, offering you advanced intelligence tools, i-depth analytics, 24/7 access, anywhere on any device and plenty more. Plans start from AED 69/month

Exhibit your offerings with stunning digital displays

Navigate your guests to simplify their experience while boosting sales through Digital Signage. Whether you wish to display in-facility dining, spa services, or anything else, get a rich solution to raise visibility backed by a powerful CMS for

Elevate xperiences with the latest tablets & devices

Welcome a new level of personalized experiences, for in-room ordering or dining-in, bookings and more, and build a real-time ecosystem with the latest devices. Explore a rich selection of the popular tablets starting from AED 84/month!

Stay hyper-connected with Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS)

Empower all your departments to remain hyper-connected and deliver personalized experiences with a solution that combines high-tech telephony, instant messaging and collaboration tools! Speak to a sales expert for a custom quote.

Always be found by your patients, with 800 Toll-Free

Enable patient support, emergency care or appointment scheduling with your own unique 800 toll-free number offering you 24/7 support, call routing, streamlining and more, from AED 99/month.

Etisalat by e&, where support for you is built-in with

Comprehensive Instant Self-Care

Powered by 100% Digital Enablement

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