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Protect the core of your business with security solutions that matter.

Connect and Protect

Today’s digital landscape is littered with an ever-growing multitude of cyber threats. It’s these threats that are making the protection of your business data more vital than ever before.

At Etisalat, the successful cyber-safeguarding of your business is our top priority.

That is why we offer multiple digital security solutions that can comprehensively protect your business data across various formats.


Suite of Security Solutions

Mobile Security

Guard your business against a multitude of cyber threats with advanced Firewall solutions.

Endpoint Security

Extensive protection of corporate network devices (Windows or Mac) with thorough and in-depth Endpoint Security solutions.


Protect your Android phones and tablets against viruses, malwares and numerous other digital security threats.

Choose Your Package

Start your online journey the right way by selecting the package that suits your needs the best.

Plan 1
Managed Web Solution

  • 10 Page Website Creation
  • eShop Platform
  • Google My Business
  • 20+ Online Listings
  • 10GB Free Storage



160 AED/Month 
5% VAT excluded


Plan 2
Managed Web Solution+

  • 15 Page Website Creation
  • eShop Platform
  • Google My Business
  • 20+ Online Listings
  • 15GB Free Storage



190 AED/Month 
5% VAT excluded


Mobile Security

Safeguarding Your Android Devices

Enjoy Threat-Free Access to the Digital World.


Ensure effective protection of your Android business devices with a comprehensive solution that identifies and swiftly eliminates danger.

With Mobile Security by Business Edge you’ll receive ultra-effective protection against viruses, malware, and a multitude of other cyber threats.

What makes our Mobile Security unique?


Available for Free to All Etisalat Business Customers

Our comprehensive Mobile Security solution is free of charge to all Etisalat Business and Business Edge customers

No Separate App Required

For convenience, Mobile Security is completely integrated with the Etisalat Business Mobile App.

No Hidden Fees. No Extra Costs

All the features of Mobile Security are available to every subscriber – no advanced features are hidden behind paywalls.

A Lightweight App

Our Mobile Security solution is compact in memory size, ensuring it has no negative impact on your device’s performance

Full Scan including Fix

A quick and comprehensive scan of all the installed apps, OS files and system files.

Our solution will also fix and resolve all the identified issues subsequent to the scan.

Malware Scanning

Intense scanning of files in order to identify any malware on the device.

App Shield

This feature initiates app scanning immediately after any app installation or update.

File & Web Shield

Monitors manipulation with files in order to scan and fix them.

Additionally, scans URLs whilst browsing to identify malicious software, phishing etc.

Cloud Scanning of URLs

Distinguish between clean, phishing, malicious and typosquatting sites.

EndPoint Security

Keeping Your Network Safe and Secure

A Security Shield You Can Trust.


A world-class Endpoint Security solution for Windows and Mac devices.

Explore comprehensive, cloud-hosted and constantly evolving protection that safeguards your corporate network.

Why get Endpoint Security from Etisalat?


Available for Free to All Etisalat Business Edge

All Internet Bundle customers will receive advanced EndPoint Security solution for FREE!

Customisation for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

A flexible solution that can cover the most important security needs of any SMB, regardless of its size.

Light Software Client

Device software is compact in memory and storage, and hence, doesn’t impact the performance of your device.

Easy Onboarding

A dedicated team will deploy, configure, manage and support the solution – plus provide you with free training.

Online Protection

Runs on active security mode while surfing the internet, ensuring your users are browsing safely.

Safe Banking

Additional protection on payment and banking sites.

File Protection

Protection when opening and working with files and applications.

Prevent Zero-Day Threats

Comprehensive safeguarding users against recently established and evolving ‘’zero-day threats’’.

Alerts for Missing Critical Updates

Displays warning alerts for outdated installed software with guidance on how to update them.

Cloud Firewall

Quicker, Smarter, and More Reliable Than Ever Before

The Perfect Cyber Security Solution for Your Business.


At Etisalat, we understand that protecting your customers’ data, IT infrastructure and business assets are of paramount importance to the success of your business and its reputation.

Our comprehensive network solution will secure your network without the need for a physical firewall device. We supply a next-generation cloud-based firewall that defends your network against existing, emerging and camouflaged threats.

What makes our Cloud Firewall unique?


Available for Free to All Etisalat Business Edge

All Internet Bundle customers will receive advanced EndPoint Security solution for FREE!


An adaptable and flexible solution that can grow with your business.


A dedicated team will deploy, configure, manage, and support the solution- plus provide free training.

Add-on Available

Cost-effective and affordable Premium add-on to meet your specific requirements.

Suite of Services


Intrusion Prevention Feature

Ensures that hackers are not installing malware on your devices.

Safeguarding Against Malware & Ransomware

Works hand in hand with your antivirus solution to provide you with complete protection.

Protection Against Infected Websites

A web-filtering feature that blocks access to malware or phishing websites.

Control of Internet Usage

Category-based URL filtering and application control to help you decide the type of websites that can be accessed.

Visibility of User Internet Usage

Advanced dashboard showing a breakdown of data usage.


Pie and bar charts on the Etisalat portal give additional information about the network traffic.

Cloud Firewall Premium Add-On


Take your Cloud Firewall to the next level with our Premium add-on. A completely managed service where Etisalat will carry out all requested changes on your behalf whilst you have access to all the features of this groundbreaking cyber security solution.


Cloud Firewall Premium

  • IPS/Intrusion Prevention
  • URL Filtering
  • App Control
  • QoS Bandwidth Control
  • Traffic Prioritization



290 AED/Month 
5% VAT excluded


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