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Landline on the go, domain name, eStore and more
With Office Presence

Presenting Office Presence, your landline on the go, designed to empower business mobility and communication from anywhere, at all times. Whether used to make internal calls, handling sales inquiries, procurement, interviewing, booking appointments, customer service and support, or driving conference calls, your business is constantly enabled. Office Presence further equips your business with a domain name, an eStore Website Builder and CloudTalk App to ensure your business achieves greater all-round presence!

Adopt an enriched communications experience, truly broaden your reach, and simplify working from anywhere with Office Presence for as low as AED 125/month!

Email Builder

A selection of pre-designed email templates and a drag-drop builder ensures creation of engaging emails is a breeze.

Responsive Templates

All email templates are responsive and adaptable to different screen resolutions, ensuring they look great on any device.


Easily create brand-boosting emails, manage distribution lists, schedule send times, and much more!

Personalized Emails

You can instigate targeted marketing campaigns based on who your customers are, where they are, and their preferences.

API Integration

Using our Application Program Interface (API), you can seamlessly integrate your own marketing, sales, or CRM tools.


The platform makes it simple and easy to analyse the success of your campaigns. Monitor delivery rates, email opening rates, and more.

Do more with your landline on the go

Subscribe to an Office Presence Plan today and avail a free eStore, domain name, fixed-to-fixed calls and much more!


125 AED/Month

5%vat excluded
Office & User

Communication Line


Flexi Mins


Fixed-to-Fixed Mins

Cloud PABX

Call Management

CloudTalk App

Mobile App


Phone Device – Add-on

Yealink SIP T31G, HD Quality Voice, 2 SIP Accounts, 2-Line Key, 5 Party Conference, Acoustic Shield, Wireless Headset Support, 24-Month Contract

User Line Voice Service – Add-on

Landline Number for User, 100 Flexi Minutes, PABX/Call Management Features, CloudTalk App, Free Installation, 12-Month Contract

Why Choose Office Presence?

Never Miss An Opportunity

Crafted to enable business mobility

Value For Money

Offering superior value for money by providing more for the same price

Always Reachable

24/7 availability for customers to reach you with an always-on landline and digital channels

Expand your business reach

With advanced voice & digital tools

Important to know
Contract duration: 12-Month Contract
Billing Frequency: Monthly
All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

A one-time fee of AED 200 would apply for installation and cabling.

Each voice line comes with 100 flexi minutes & a standard phone. Bundled flexi minutes can be used for Fixed to Mobile National Calls or Fixed to International Calls to the following destinations

Fixed to Fixed call charges: Free (AED 0.15/min post consumption of 7,500 minutes FUP)
Fixed to Mobile call charges: AED 0.30/min

Click here to find out the rates of the international calls from your landline.

A domain name is renewed on an annual basis and the minimum period of hire is 1 year.

About Bundled Add-on Services & Devices:
All add-ons are annual contracts and are charged per month. Add-ons can only be purchased with an existing or new Business Pro subscription.

Service & Device Add-ons:
Managed Wi-Fi Access Points:
12-month commitment at AED 150/month
36-month commitment at AED 100/month
Managed Digital Signages – Integrated TV:
12-month commitment at AED 150/month
36-month commitment at AED 100/month
Additional Antivirus Licenses:
Premium antivirus license for PC and Mac at AED 4/month
Server antivirus license for Window and Linux at AED 4/month
eStore Website Builder:
A free website builder with 1000+ readymade templates, drag and drop editor, analytics, secure checkout, online payments, fully responsive website offered free for life to all Business Pro customers. This website is free until service continuity.
Extra Voice Lines:
Extra User Pack, 12-Month Contract for AED 125/month for 1 Communicate Voice Line with 100 Flexi Mins, 1 Office 365 License, 1 MS Teams and 1 Antivirus
Extra Voice Line, 12-Month Contract for AED 85/month for 1 Communicate Voice Line with 100 Flexi Mins
Extra User Voice Line with Standard Phone, 12-Month Contract for AED 110/month for 1 Communicate Voice Line with 100 Flexi Mins plus, 1 standard phone
Extra User Line with Cordless Phone, 12-Month Contract for AED 123/month for 1 Communicate Voice Line with 100 Flexi Mins plus, 1 cordless phone
Device Add-ons
Standard Phone: 24-month instalment at AED 20/month
Cordless Phone: 24-month instalment at AED 30/month
Video Phone: One-time charge of AED 1,100
Downgrade Charges:
In the case of a plan downgrade, a 1 month of the rental fee of the selected plan + voice line + AED 200 X (number of remaining months – 1) of the minimum term of contract would apply. Please refer to the application form for a per plan breakdown.

Exit Charges:
In the case of contract breach through early termination, the following exit charges would apply; 1 month of base plan fee + recovery of devices for the remaining contract months.

Penalty Free Service:
Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

In cases of contract breach with early termination, exit fees will be applied. The exit fee shall be calculated as a monthly recurring charge multiplied by the number of remaining months of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What documentation would I require to apply for Business Pro?

A) You would require the following documents:

· Original Valid Trade License + color photocopy with signature.

· Valid Establishment Card + color photocopy with signature. (applicable for new customers only)

· Valid Passport or Emirates ID of the Sponsor/Partner

· Original Power of Attorney or Letter of Authorisation

· Tenancy Contract

· TRN Certificate

· Cease Form (In case of migration from a non-Etisalat Provider)

· Existing non-Etisalat Bill (In case of migration from a non-Etisalat Provider)

Q) How does a user pack differ from a voice line?

A) Simple. A user pack combines a voice line including Flexi mins with MS 365 Business Basic License comprising OneDrive for user backup, MS Teams, antivirus, and more. Businesses now have the option to choose their plans based on the number of users and additionally also purchase user plans separately as an add-on.

Q) Is there a volume discount offered on bulk lines?

A) Absolutely. Based on the number of lines required, you are eligible to avail of up to a 30% discount on the bulk purchase of 31 or more lines. To further understand the discount, you would be eligible for, we recommend contacting your assigned Account Manager.

Q) How many free phone devices are included in Business Pro bundles?

A) Whether you opt for the 1-user plan or 10-user plan, each Business Pro bundle includes only 1 free phone device. If you require more devices, you would need to purchase each as a separate add-on.

Q) How many free devices are included in the Business Pro bundle?

A) All customers subscribed to the 1 or 2 user-packs are eligible to receive 1 free device; however, if you are subscribed to the 4 user-pack or above, you will receive a choice of 2 free devices.

Q) Which free devices are offered?

A) A variety of business-grade devices are offered, ranging from Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi, Aruba Wi-Fi, Smartphones, Tablets, and several others.

Q) Would I be charged for installation?

A) Yes, all new customers would be charged a one-time fee of AED 200 for professional installation.

Q) Is Business Pro available on a monthly model?

A) Yes, Business Pro is offered monthly with a minimum commitment of 12 months.

Q) Are there any exit charges?

A) In the case that you terminate the contract before the Minimum Term of 12 months, you would be subject to pay an early exit fee due to the breach of contract. The early exit fee would include 1 month of base plan fee plus:

+ charge of the Firewall, calculated as AED 300 x number of remaining contract months – 1

+ recovery of devices, calculated as AED 200 per device x number of remaining contract months – 1

+ charges of the IP phone (if applicable) x the remaining contract months – 1.

Q) Would I have to pay any fees for cabling?

A) Cabling charges would only apply if you have subscribed to more than 3 SIP phones. For the first 3 SIP phones, no cabling fee would apply.

Q) Can I upgrade or downgrade if I am already subscribed to a plan?

A) Yes, absolutely. Should you wish to upgrade or downgrade, you may do so however, please note that should you downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan, exit charges would apply.

Q) I am currently subscribed to an existing business broadband bundle. Can I migrate to Business Pro?

Yes, you can. If you are subscribed to any of the below bundles, you are eligible to migrate to Business Pro:

Business Quick Start
Internet Bundles
Business Super
Business Super Plus Voice
Business in a Box

Q) What is the minimum operating system requirement to download and use CloudTalk App?

A) You would require iOS 9.0 or any later version for Apple devices. You would need Android 7.1 or any version released later for Android devices.

Q) Do I need internet to use CloudTalk App?

A) Yes, you would. CloudTalk requires an active internet connection or data to work. If you are not connected to an internet connection, you would consume your mobile data while using the app.

Q) Would I be able to make a conference call using the CloudTalk App?

A) Absolutely. All types of calls can be made using CloudTalk.

Q) How are voice calls charged with Business Pro?

A) Each voice line will include 100 Flexi minutes, which can be used for Fixed-to-Mobile local calls or Fixed-to-International calls to pre-approved destinations. International calls made to destinations that aren’t included in the list would be charged based on this list.

Q) If in the case that 3 devices are connected with the same user when a call is received, will all devices ring at the same time?

A) Customers cannot set up CloudTalk on more than two devices. In the case that 2 devices have been set up, the primary device that was set up would ring first, followed by the second device.

Q) Would I be able to make outgoing calls from both of the devices at the same time?

A) Yes, you can make calls in parallel; however, please bear in mind that all outgoing calls will be independently chargeable.

Q) I would like to block outgoing fixed-to-mobile and fixed-to-international calls. How can I block 0 and 00 dialling?

A) Simply by calling 800-5800 and request desired PABX configurations.

Q) How would I access my Microsoft 365 license or eStore?

A) To access all of your included licenses, please ask your Company Admin to visit the Business Online Portal and activate each of the required solutions.

Q) Will I be able to change my website name (eStore) after I have published it?

A) Yes, you may.

Q) Can I have the option of a Payment Gateway facility with the free e-store?

A) Of course. The payment gateway is already embedded as a part of the eStore. You can opt for a subscription to the Etisalat payment gateway and use the same.

Q) Would I be able to add my existing domain name to the eStore?

A) Yes, absolutely.

Q) Would I be given what is available, or would I be able to choose?

A) You have the liberty to select and use any domain with your eStore.

Q) Are there any security verifications in place for using a payment gateway?

A) Yes, there is. Payment gateway is an individual service; you would need to subscribe to it to use it with your eStore. Etisalat’s payment gateway is a security-compliant service.

Q) What are the charges for subscribing to a payment gateway?

A) Charges depend on the volume of business you conduct on the payment gateway platform. We recommend for you to submit a form with your requirements, following which our payment team will contact you with exact information.

Q) How will I know when my contract expires?

A) To ensure you are updated, you will receive SMS reminders and email notifications on your registered mobile number and email ID. These will be sent thirty days before to ensure you are aware of your contract expiration.

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